Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex – Glock GEN5 Binary Trigger



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Discover the game-changing Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger for Glock GEN5, available now at Natchez Shooting Supply. Enhance your shooting with rapid fire capabilities and unparalleled control. Get yours today

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Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex – Glock GEN5 Binary Trigger

Welcome to Natchez Shooting Supply where innovation meets firepower! Introducing the groundbreaking Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger for your Glock GEN5 – a game-changer for firearm enthusiasts and tactical shooters alike. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the G-Flex Binary Trigger is engineered to elevate your shooting performance with unparalleled speed and precision. Experience the next level of control and rapid-fire capability. Step into the future of shooting with Franklin Armory’s latest masterpiece, now available at Natchez Shooting Supply.

Enhance Your Glock with the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a firearms enthusiast, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex binary trigger elevates your Glock’s performance to extraordinary levels. As a seminal addition to our G-Flex lineup at Natchez Shooting Supply, this binary marvel is tailored specifically for the Glock GEN5 series, infusing your handgun with unmatched precision and adaptability. The genius of the Franklin Armory design lies in its innovative ‘binary’ firing mode, which allows for a shot on both the pull and release of the trigger, giving the shooter the ability to double the rate of fire.

This unique flex trigger system not only enhances your firing capabilities but also maintains strict adherence to supreme safety standards. Available for add to cart directly on our website, this Franklin Armory creation promises a smooth and consistent trigger pull, reducing the risk of accidental discharge. The Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex is a game-changer for those Glock owners who cherish responsiveness and trigger efficiency. It’s a substantial upgrade over standard Glock triggers, offering a crisper, cleaner break and quicker reset. Essentially, it redefines your Glock’s firing dynamics entirely.

As for compatibility, the Franklin Armory G-S173 binary trigger is designed to integrate flawlessly with the iconic Glock 17, as well as other compatible GEN5 models. Incorporating this part into your Glock transcends it from merely a reliable sidearm to an advanced firearm that stands out at the range or in tactical situations. Recognizing the unique needs of Glock enthusiasts, the ‘G-Flex’ in its name emphasizes the versatility and adaptability the trigger adds to your firearm—customization is at the heart of the Franklin Armory ethos.

Natchez Shooting Supply takes pride in offering these top-of-the-line parts. When it’s time to add this essential component to your repertoire, you’ll find the process to add to cart as smooth as the trigger’s action. Plus, with a price point that defies the exceptional quality and performance offered, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex is an investment that pays dividends in shooting excellence. Not to mention, when buying from Natchez, you receive the backing of a company renowned for exceptional customer service and comprehensive knowledge of every product we sell.

Installation of the Flex trigger promises to be a straightforward affair. Franklin Armory’s dedication to engineering clarity means you can confidently upgrade your Glock with minimal fuss. You won’t need to spend time and money at the gunsmith; instead, you’ll be back at the range, experiencing the exhilaration of your Glock’s newfound rapid firing rate. And let’s not overlook that the ‘G-Flex’ is engineered to retain all the Glock safety features one expects, ensuring that while your firing rate is enhanced, your safety standards are uncompromised.

To summarize, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex binary trigger is not just a mere addition—it’s a transformative upgrade for your Glock. For the competitive shooter, it sharpens the edge of performance, and for the aficionado, it satisfies the craving for firearm excellence. Add it to your cart at Natchez Shooting Supply today and experience the pinnacle of Glock performance. Remember, with Natchez, you’re not just buying parts; you’re enhancing your shooting journey with quality and expertise you can trust.Rich content results: ImageRich content results: TableRich content results: List


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Understanding the G-Flex Trigger Mechanism and Binary System

When it comes to enhancing your Glock, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger stands out as a revolutionary upgrade for your Glock GEN5. The binary trigger system has been meticulously designed to offer a performance edge that is truly remarkable. At Natchez Shooting Supply, we understand that the trigger is an integral part of your firing mechanism, which is why we offer Franklin Armory’s premium flex trigger, providing exceptional control and an unparalleled shooting experience for Glock enthusiasts.

The G-Flex trigger integrates seamlessly with your Glock’s internal architecture, offering an enhanced firing solution that’s both flexible and reliable. The binary mode—what this trigger system is renowned for—allows your Glock to fire on both pull and release, which effectively doubles your firing rate. The precision engineering behind this system is a testament to Franklin Armory’s commitment to quality and innovation. With each squeeze of the flex trigger, you’ll feel the difference in responsiveness and performance.

Designed specifically for the Glock GEN5, this trigger is not just about the binary feature. It’s also about the ‘flex’ in G-Flex, which refers to the trigger’s adaptability. This match-grade, drop-in trigger assembly, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that it enhances your grip, provides a crisp break, and offers a short reset, which are crucial aspects for both recreational shooters and law enforcement officers.

Those familiar with Glock triggers will immediately notice the upgrade in their Glock’s performance with the G-S173 G-Flex’s installation. The innovative design and binary firing capability aside, it’s the smooth and consistent trigger pull that places it among the top choices for triggers on the market. The addition of such a trigger makes your Glock far more versatile, allowing for a more dynamic handling in various shooting conditions.

Installing the Franklin Armory binary trigger on your Glock takes the firing experience to new heights. As a shooter, you will take pleasure in the responsiveness that comes from a finely-tuned mechanism. It’s important to note, however, that to get the most out of your binary trigger, you must possess a thorough understanding of your Glock’s trigger system, and strict adherence to safety protocols is paramount when using a trigger with this capability.

Natchez Shooting Supply remains your go-to source for advanced firearm components like the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Trigger. Glock owners looking to equip their firearm with a flex trigger will find comprehensive information and resources on our platform to make informed decisions. Whether your Glock is a model 17, GEN3, or the latest GEN5, the G-S173 G-Flex offers a unique advantage that discerning shooters will immediately appreciate.

In conclusion, for those who aim to elevate their Glock experience, the G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger from Franklin Armory is more than an accessory—it’s a critical component that redefines firing efficiency and control. At Natchez Shooting Supply, we are dedicated to providing the best upgrades for your firearms, and this flex trigger is a prime example of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Upgrade your Glock today and experience the next level of firing precision and reliability.Rich content results: Image


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Technical Information on the Franklin Armory G-Flex Trigger for Glock GEN5

When it comes to upgrading your Glock‘s firing capabilities, Franklin Armory has you covered with their innovative G-S173 G-Flex binary trigger. Designed specifically for those who own a Glock GEN5, this flex trigger system offers a remarkable enhancement to your shooting experience. The unique trigger mechanism transforms a standard Glock into a more efficient firing machine, capable of increasing your rate of fire significantly. The Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex is not just any Glock trigger; it’s a game-changing component that ensures your Glock performs with incredible precision and speed.

The question on every enthusiast’s mind is, how does the binary trigger actually work? Simply put, the binary system allows the weapon to fire on both the pull and the release of the trigger, thereby doubling the potential firing rate. It’s vital to understand that while the Franklin Armory’s G-Flex is about rapid firing, it’s equally focused on control and safety. The mechanism is designed to ensure that despite the faster cycling, each shot is as stable and precise as it would be with regular single-action triggers.

It’s important to note that Franklin Armory’s G-Flex binary trigger is easy to add to your Glock’s parts without the need for extensive modifications. This user-friendly aspect makes the G-Flex highly sought after by Glock owners who wish to upgrade their firearm, without the hassle of overly complex installation procedures. Franklin Armory has truly provided a solution that adds value to the Glock, while also retaining the reliability and durability that the brand is known for.

Information regarding the installation is readily available, ensuring that even those new to the world of customizing Glocks can add this flex trigger with confidence. Moreover, the robustness of the G-Flex’s parts means that your investment is protected, enhancing your Glock’s lifespan as well as its capabilities. The Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex trigger is proof of the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation, earning its place among the top choices for Glock GEN5 owners.

In addition to function, aesthetics are also considered. The sleek design of the G-S173 G-Flex complements your Glock’s look, giving it a professional and modern appearance. The value added to your Glock GEN5 by incorporating Franklin Armory’s superior technology cannot be overstated. Whether you are at the range or involved in competitive shooting, the G-Flex binary trigger positions your Glock for stellar performance, shot after shot.

Finally, for those considering purchasing the fabled G-S173 G-Flex for their Glock, remember that Natchez shooting supply offers the best deals on these Glock parts. As a trusted name in the ammunition and shooting accessories industry, Natchez shooting supply provides shooters with a vast inventory of high-quality products, including the Franklin Armory’s G-Flex triggers. With Natchez’s reputation for exemplary customer service and their extensive selection, it’s easy to see why they are the go-to source for shooters looking to upgrade their Glock’s firing capabilities.

In conclusion, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex binary trigger for the Glock GEN5 is a true testament to the Franklin Armory’s legacy of innovation. By choosing this flex trigger, you are adding a high-performance part that increases your firing rate while maintaining safety and reliability. Furthermore, placing your trust in Natchez shooting supply for your purchase ensures you receive top-of-the-line products and service. Enhance your Glock experience with the G-S173 G-Flex binary trigger today, and feel the difference in every pull of the trigger.

In conclusion, the Franklin Armory G-S173 G-Flex Binary Trigger offers a groundbreaking upgrade for Glock GEN5 enthusiasts. This innovative device, available now at Natchez Shooting Supply, elevates your shooting experience with unparalleled speed and performance. Gear up and take your marksmanship to the next level with this exceptional trigger mechanism that promises reliability and precision with every pull of the trigger. Visit Natchez Shooting Supply to discover more and to find the best selection of accessories tailored to your shooting needs.Rich content results: ImageRich content results: FormRich content results: FAQs


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